Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spying on my dog.

It was just an experiment. I have always told everyone that I keep Nollie in her crate when I'm gone because it keeps her calmer. But since I'm not there how do I know? Common wisdom says your dog sleeps all day when you are gone.
Well, one time about 6 years ago in her old house she was left "loose" and when we came home there were accidents, a lamp was knocked over, and she was overheated and panting (from nonstop barking, I suppose).
So, we live alone now so she has to spend 9+ hours in the crate 5 days a week. I feel so bad for her I tried a couple of ways to leave her loose. It was a disaster. When I left her in the bedroom she was good the first day but by the second day it was accidents and more. So I tried leaving her in the bathroom with a pottie pad and water. When I got home I could kind of hear her barking from outside, and when I let her out she seemed overheated. The next day I put the voice activated recorder in there with her and found out she had barked for 3 or more hours. Plus accidents and overheating.
Back in the crate, the recorder told me she barked a total of 18 minutes all day. I don't like crateing her all day but it does keep her calmer. Now I have proof.