Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer in the mountains

Well, 4 days anyway. I went up to spend a few days with my family in NC. As always, it is cool, damp and beautiful there.

The first surprise I had was that the grass was so high in the yard that I couldn't find my way to park in the dark. I was afraid of driving into one of the many ditches or drop-offs. Even with 4-wheel drive in the Jeep, I didn't want to deal with it. Barbara came outside and waved me into the front yard.

It was a few days of little activity, with quite a few trips into Franklin or Highlands. The theme might be "sloths sitting around reading" or "Kathleen's new toy". I helped her bid and win an iPod Touch, which I had loaded with several hours of music and a few pictures. This particular iPod comes with wireless Internet connectivity, so each time we went into town Kathleen had the pod out looking for unlocked networks to join. I have one now, too. Side note: how the hell do people blog from these things? Typing on them is a real pita.

You can see all my pictures here.