Sunday, September 13, 2009

Worse for you than most cookies

I almost called this post "Heart Attack on a Plate". I succumbed and made the chocolate chip bacon cookies I read about last week. Yes, bacon in cookies. Before you gag, try eating a little bacon and chocolate together. It is surprisingly tasty.

They are very good cookies, but IMO it is a waste of perfectly wonderful bacon, since the cookie and chocolate part overwhelm the bacon part.

Do you suppose I ate too much of the bacon before I put it in the cookies?? Hmmm.

I got the recipe on

Yes, I made a pan of plain ones for Nina, who doesn't eat bacon. Smart girl.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nina and the big chocolate cake.

The dad of Nina's friend let them use his truck to haul around an engine. Don't ask. Anyway, to thank him for the use of his truck, she made him his favorite cake, German Chocolate, from scratch.

This is a first for her, her previous cakes have been from mixes. This is a big production cake, let me tell you. The first step was a trip out to Jo-Anns in Wellington to get another cake pan. (I only had 2 matching pans.) The Boynton store is kind of disappointing, so we went right to the good one.

After we got home, we discovered that not all nine inch round pans are really nine inches across. The new pans did not match the old pans, so she had to do it in two layers after all. Nothing like an extra trip out to Wellington, heh? I think Nina just got herself a new set of cake pans. My old ones are just fine for me.

The cake turned out well, very well indeed. The delivery of it was delayed because Nina doesn't have her own car and is at the mercy of others.

Did I mention an engine that was being carted around? Oh, I said not to ask, didn't I.