Friday, February 27, 2009

Waaah! Mommy, they are making me work!

Did I mention how disgusted I am with entitled people? How many grown women do you know who call their mommy when their boss requests them to do something they don't think they should have to do?

GROW UP. Get the heck off that phone to mommy and fight your own battles, baby.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Weed watching

For about a decade I waged a personal war against a particular weed in my yard that threatened to choke out my ficus hedge. Virginia Creeper. So when I started seeing vines on the landscaping at work I started to document them.

Certain weeds grew so big that folks who didn't know any better thought they were part of the official landscaping. Like this palmetto behind the shrub here. Yes, I know some landscapers use it on purpose, but this one was strictly a volunteer. It got bigger and bigger and then it started to get a vine.

Can you see the size of the stump of that thing in this picture? To say that palmetto got out of control is putting it mildly.
I guess the point of all this is that nobody really took the time to tell the landscapers to notice the details. When they did actually work on these hedges they either gave the palmetto a crew cut, or just trimmed around it like it was part of the plan. We won't even comment on the vine because they obviously thought it was a losing battle too. Sometimes the only way to get rid of some weeds is to slash and burn.
My old Virginia Creeper? Well who knows, my solution was to move away from it. LOL.

Still moving the library, still not ready.

We're moving the collection (books, DVDs etc.) into the remodeled portion, but the building is still not ready. Everywhere you look there is stuff still in cardboard, stuff not assembled yet, and we are tripping over workmen and they are having to work around us and each other.

To me, nothing says "not ready" better than this picture of the construction supervisor in "his" office. That's going to be the professional collection room eventually. But does he look like he's ready to leave?
Nah, I don't think so.
Oh, and they tore up the road and put it back together again yesterday. Pul-eeeze.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Entertaining myself with chocolate

So, what else to do 2 days after the holiday of chocolate? Make cookies with pink and red candies, of course!

The practical part of me knows that Valentine's Day is mostly about business. Hallmark has nothing on the business Hershey's does. Even those of us without a SO buy and eat candy even if we don't buy cards. And buying it the day after at 50% off doesn't hurt either.

So, aren't the candies pretty in the measuring cup? And they are just as pretty ready to be mixed into the dough.

The mixer broke them up a little, but these candies have a tender shell on them to begin with. Now I have to go back and comment on my recipe that I need not bake them nearly as long as the recipe says. I prefer my cookies extra brown and crisp, but not everyone agrees with me. If anyone asks I'll tell them I meant to make them this way. If I had wanted the color of the candy to show up more I would have stuck them in the tops instead of mixing them in.

As overdone as they are, they will be eaten quite happily in my house, and perhaps at work. Did I mention that I love to bake? I will do a birthday cake later today or tomorrow night for DD. Maybe not chocolate though.

Happy February, everyone!

It looks like another drought, but who cares...

Well, here is Lake Sausalito Place. Do man-made lakes in planned unit developments have names? Anyway, you can see how far down the water is. We're not supposed to have a beach. Last year, 2008 we had above average rainfall, but it barely made up for the shortcomings of '06 and '07. Now in '09 we are having another very dry year. So it's usually wet or dry so what's different this time?

Well, you are not hearing about this very much on local news. Nope, local news is "bad economy" and "aren't you panicked yet?" it seems 24/7. Sprinkled in with traffic wrecks and other crimes.

Yes, I get it, scare the peeps and sell more advertising. I think it must work pretty well. But look at my lake! This was big news in '07 and it should be big news now. IMO. It's time to scare people about our water supply in addition to our job supply.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're SO not ready but we're doing it anyway.

It's Thursday today, and we are going to close the library to move into the remodeled area next Tuesday. Everywhere you look, that building is not ready. Really, does this look like they can do it in 2 working days? (They don't take off Presidents Day like the staff does.
This ought to be fun. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out my office window

I have a single-person study room for my current office and I just love it. No, there isn't even room for a filing cabinet in here, but I have a window! In my previous office behind the circ desk the only thing to look at was the security monitor. MMMM sometimes it was interesting.

Here's my view. Why yes, they are indeed tearing up the road. Can't get much more interesting than this, right?
My new office after we move next week has 2 windows. They both look at the side of the rest of the library. I hope they can get the landscaping in soon, because the building is butt ugly now. No you don't want a picture of that!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Call me Melonhead

Ok, I am not sure why I started calling myself Melonhead on Internet boards, but keeping the same username across several boards has become a little easier to track. In some cases the name had aready been taken, so some other version of "melon" was used instead. Except here and I don't know why I didn't keep the theme here, but there you go.

I wonder sometimes if folks have alternate personalities for different types of boards they are on. For example one username/avitar for all their fan boards, another for all the craft boards, and perhaps a third and fourth for other hobbies, interests or concerns.

On some boards it looks like user names are mostly related to the subject of the board, like variations on the word "pea" for the twopeasinabucket boards, or variations on that rock star's names on his various fan boards.

At some point does it get way too much to keep up with? What is the average number of boards a person is registered on and of those how many are just places you just lurk in anyway? Just thinking out loud, I guess.

Later this week I'll talk about biscotti Saturday. Or tortilla Sunday. Yes, I made a mess.