Monday, February 16, 2009

It looks like another drought, but who cares...

Well, here is Lake Sausalito Place. Do man-made lakes in planned unit developments have names? Anyway, you can see how far down the water is. We're not supposed to have a beach. Last year, 2008 we had above average rainfall, but it barely made up for the shortcomings of '06 and '07. Now in '09 we are having another very dry year. So it's usually wet or dry so what's different this time?

Well, you are not hearing about this very much on local news. Nope, local news is "bad economy" and "aren't you panicked yet?" it seems 24/7. Sprinkled in with traffic wrecks and other crimes.

Yes, I get it, scare the peeps and sell more advertising. I think it must work pretty well. But look at my lake! This was big news in '07 and it should be big news now. IMO. It's time to scare people about our water supply in addition to our job supply.

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