Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out my office window

I have a single-person study room for my current office and I just love it. No, there isn't even room for a filing cabinet in here, but I have a window! In my previous office behind the circ desk the only thing to look at was the security monitor. MMMM sometimes it was interesting.

Here's my view. Why yes, they are indeed tearing up the road. Can't get much more interesting than this, right?
My new office after we move next week has 2 windows. They both look at the side of the rest of the library. I hope they can get the landscaping in soon, because the building is butt ugly now. No you don't want a picture of that!

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Marie Starr said...

Oh, that is so interesting because that is the same view from my office window...road construction and tearing out portions of it! LOL! But at least we can see outside, eh?