Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awash in napkins and tea towels

So, after 5 years of ignoring it, I pulled out my embroidery machine and have been embellishing napkins and dish towels all over the place. Well, actually just in my bedroom.

I'm making these for the woman's group church bazaar in November, and the whole deal reminds me so much of Mimi (Mom for most of my adult life), that it makes me smile. I remember the general chaos in her house and studio when she was in production mode. I've spent over $80 in towels, napkins, embroidery designs and threads, and have no assurances that my church group will get that much back from it. I have enjoyed using my toy (embroidery machine) again, and have collected some awesome vintage dancing veggie designs for it.

It amuses me too that I've come full circle in 40 years I am back to sewing in my bedroom to avoid the cats. In high school my sister's cats were all over the house except my room, so that's where I sewed. Now the cat I avoid belongs to my son-in-law. My bedroom is a cat-free oasis. Sigh. In my own house, too. I've even started to hand embroider again, too, just like in 8th grade home-ec class. That's another sample of coming full circle. Please though, no teenage angst again. I can't take it.