Friday, January 30, 2015

A tale of 3 sinks, oh so cautionary.

It is a very good thing I'm not super OCD.

I broke one of my bathroom sinks last week with boiling water. Don't believe all of the life hacks you read on the Internet. Boiling water with Dawn dish-washing soap MAY clear a clogged drain, but it could also crack the porcelain  and ruin the pop-up mechanism too.

This is the 2nd bathroom sink I've replaced in this house. The first was because the pop-up mechanism was broken along with some of the china parts too. My former roommates (AKA "the kids") were pretty rough on stuff and it was just one more broken thing to deal with at the time.

But the "matching" sinks don't really match. The original sinks had 3 overflow holes and a fairly sharp drop from the rim. The first replacement has 2 overflow holes and a more softened drop from the rim. My latest sink not only has only one drain hole, but it has a brand emblem tattooed just under the faucet in black.  Yes, my 2 sinks in the same bathroom don't really match.

I know it's time to remodel the bathroom but I just don't want to. This may be a project for the next owner, KWIM?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome baby! (A card for a baby shower)

Yes, I made a paper pieced card for a baby shower. This was seriously a quickie card. The most time consuming part was fussy-cutting the dinosaurs.

The stamps are Lawn Fawn's Critters from the Past, and the papers are Lawn Fawn's Hello Sunshine and Let's Polka. The greeting is from Lawn Fawn's Critters Down Under.

Seriously funny, at least for me is that when I heard the paper name was going to be Let's Polka, my heart sped up a little. I dared to hope for accordions! Cute, Lawn Fawn style accordions, to be sure. Nope, we are talking polka dots here, not a polka dance. Oh well.

That ribbon bow is pretty, but lumpy enough that this card would not be a good candidate for the US mail.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cookies on a plate, or, I was not meant to be a tea snob.

I was not meant to be a tea snob. Seriously I finally ordered the Fiesta teapot I've had my eye on for almost a year now. I got it in Paprika, a rich reddish brown. Like the cookie plate above.

But in typical enthusiastic fashion I also ordered some loose tea, because true tea snobs sniff at tea bags.

But the tea balls (infusers?) I got at the local store don't do such a great job at straining finely textured herbal teas. If anyone out there can point me in the direction of a tea ball big enough for an 8 cup tea pot (not as big as you think it is) and doesn't leak leaves, please let me know, please?