Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentines are so yesterday...

OK, here it is January 28th, and already the valentine decorations are on clearance to make way for the shamrocks. This is way to fast for those of us who plan at the last minute. Even those of us who prefer green to red and pink.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Avoiding the dry cleaner

I've managed to avoid the dry cleaner for over 4 years. Mostly I wear casual clothes, and I have started to hand wash some things that were previously marked dry cleaning recommended.

But, I have a confession to make. My jacket, pictured above, has not been cleaned in over 6 years because I needed to mend the lining in the sleeve first. We wear jackets infrequently in Florida, and I would remember the lining each time I would put this on, but promptly forget until the next time. And the tear in the lining wasn't getting any better by itself.

I believe I have mentioned in the past how much I don't look forward to mending by hand. Never mind I have enough hand sewing needles to last 4 more lifetimes, I just don't like to do it. But I did it anyway, and finally took the thing in for a cleaning. Ten bucks, why am I not surprised? Anyway, it's good to get that one little nagging job off my list.

What's next?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knitting progress

Well, it's up to 31" and I don't think I've dropped any stitches, at least none I couldn't pick back up more or less. While it is getting more comfortable, I'm still not ready to start up with patterns or anything else that requires counting as I go. Baby steps.

Lucky for me, my neck is often cold.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Knitting again

I just couldn't resist that big ole' ball of yarn in just my shades of green. I'm a pretty bad knitter, but a scarf in all the same stitch can't be too bad, can it?

The question is, can I finish it before it gets too hot to hold it in my lap. That was the end of the similar scarf I started in 2008. Seriously.