Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Call me Melonhead

Ok, I am not sure why I started calling myself Melonhead on Internet boards, but keeping the same username across several boards has become a little easier to track. In some cases the name had aready been taken, so some other version of "melon" was used instead. Except here and I don't know why I didn't keep the theme here, but there you go.

I wonder sometimes if folks have alternate personalities for different types of boards they are on. For example one username/avitar for all their fan boards, another for all the craft boards, and perhaps a third and fourth for other hobbies, interests or concerns.

On some boards it looks like user names are mostly related to the subject of the board, like variations on the word "pea" for the twopeasinabucket boards, or variations on that rock star's names on his various fan boards.

At some point does it get way too much to keep up with? What is the average number of boards a person is registered on and of those how many are just places you just lurk in anyway? Just thinking out loud, I guess.

Later this week I'll talk about biscotti Saturday. Or tortilla Sunday. Yes, I made a mess.


Jenifer said...

I am a one user name across all boards, too confusing to remember different ones!

stephanie said...

I'm one user, too. WAY too difficult to remember them all!

katy said...

I laughed when I saw your screen name. My new book, Melonhead, (Delacorte/ Random House) came out last month. My Melonhead is a 10 year-old inventor. I'd paste the cover here if I were clever enough. :)-- Katy Kelly