Friday, February 20, 2009

Weed watching

For about a decade I waged a personal war against a particular weed in my yard that threatened to choke out my ficus hedge. Virginia Creeper. So when I started seeing vines on the landscaping at work I started to document them.

Certain weeds grew so big that folks who didn't know any better thought they were part of the official landscaping. Like this palmetto behind the shrub here. Yes, I know some landscapers use it on purpose, but this one was strictly a volunteer. It got bigger and bigger and then it started to get a vine.

Can you see the size of the stump of that thing in this picture? To say that palmetto got out of control is putting it mildly.
I guess the point of all this is that nobody really took the time to tell the landscapers to notice the details. When they did actually work on these hedges they either gave the palmetto a crew cut, or just trimmed around it like it was part of the plan. We won't even comment on the vine because they obviously thought it was a losing battle too. Sometimes the only way to get rid of some weeds is to slash and burn.
My old Virginia Creeper? Well who knows, my solution was to move away from it. LOL.

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