Sunday, April 1, 2007

This is more like it.

Isn't this pretty? I am absolutely in love with this house. It looks marvelous on the outside and inside. It has 2 bedrooms and a den, and a patio on the east side overlooking the lake. OOOO let's talk about that lake view. It is the thing that made me suck in my breath and go OH when I first walked in.

Of course I wished I hadn't sucked in my breath when I got a lung full of the smoky odor that lingers there. I know, I know, that can be fixed. More $ on that $ later.

Isn't it funny how much more you see each time you go back to a house you are interested in? My first impression of this place is that it's lovely and kind of dirty in the corners. Cobwebby dirty, dust on the textured ceiling dirty, not food in the sink dirty, KWIM?

So I took my particular friend with me, the one with construction experience, and she pointed out how much love this hou$e will need to suit her specs. My expectations have been systematically lowered over the years, but more on THAT issue later...

Among other things, it will need all new appliances, flooring in the bedrooms, tile cleaning/renovation in the master bath, an accordion shutter on the picture window, new kitchen counter/backsplash, painting throughout, and removal of some seriously wrong trimming.

My second choice house in the same development has a less spectacular view, but it won't need much work. (Just a little paint and replacement of the pink carpet.)

I'm so excited! And scared. Woah.

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Heaether in Abilene said...

Yes, Get this one. Replace the Pink Carpet. Clean out the smell of smoke and let Nollee out on those tile floor! Heather In Abilene!