Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just how long has that tomato been on the counter?

Two factions of my personality are at odds: the part of me that knows fresh vegetables and fruits are the secret to health and well-being, and the part of me that automatically reaches for the stuff that's easier to prepare. This time the lazy side won, obviously.

You know the tomato is really overripe if the sprouted seed pops out of the side. The thing is, they usually ooze a little bit to announce their condition. I can only imagine what the inside of this bad boy looks like. I'm imagining because I really don't want to look. Really. Not. Going. To. Look. Inside it.

This also points up that in spite of renewed vows that I will actually eat the produce I buy, some of it will look me in the face daily and go bad. And I don't even buy that much of it anymore because of the waste factor. I have got to come up with a better system.

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