Monday, July 4, 2011

Repurchasing music

I know I had that album somewhere. Where is it? Did I leave it behind when I divorced? Not likely, unless it was a cassette. Ugh oh. Man I hate remembering cassettes as CDs.

The thing is, some of that music sounds so recent to me, could it have been over 5 years since I've heard it? Apparently the answer is yes.

Take in this example: Donald Fagan's The Nightfly. I was walking around the house singing Walk Between the Raindrops, and went to look for it to play. No, it wasn't in iTunes. Odd. No, it wasn't hiding in the Windows Media Player either. No, after a search of the CD shelves (a project all in itsself) came up empty, I resigned myself to purchasing it again. That's what I get for purchasing a cassette in the days of either CD or cassette. Whatever money I saved then I spent today. I could be wrong but I may have had this as an album, too. I know I had Aja in at least 3 formats.

I had forgotten how much I liked this album.

Good news/bad news: Donald Fagen has other albums I haven't heard yet. I may have to purchase them too.

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