Thursday, September 20, 2012

Political observation

So the big story in the news is Mitt Romney showing his true feelings about Obama supporters. The fact that he paints all "non-taxpayers" as self proclaimed victims, and folks with entitlement issues is just too ironic. Who feels more entitled than a rich white guy in the USA?
I'm trying not to bomb Facebook with my feelings, because so many are sick of it already. But really, could he be more insulting to half the country?
One of our patrons at the library is convinced they leaked the story themselves, just to solidify his extremist, right wing backers. He is right when he says a good chunk of us cannot be convinced, and he's right in saying we're not his problem, but only as it concerns the election. If he really feels that way about us as president then we have big, enormous problems. Even bigger than W. As much as I didn't agree with his policies, I never thought W dismissed us as unworthy, lazy, leaching slugs.
For the record, THIS taxpayer is an Obama supporter, and I can't be convinced otherwise. Where does that put me in the percentage game?

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