Saturday, August 16, 2014

I am toadally your prince!

This cute card (one of 2 of the same design) is made with the frog from Enchanted, from The Alley Way Stamps. The sentiments were cobbled together from the Enchanted set, with letters from Gabfest and Lawn Fawn's Riley's ABCs.

And dang it if I didn't loose the "i" from Prince, right on my desktop somewhere. It fell off the acrylic block prematurely.  I have been all over the desk, under scraps (embarrassing how many) around markers (they needed to be put back in the rack anyway) on the floor around my chair, and even my ironing board. (Don't ask.). I've even used my flashlight on a low angle to make that shiny doo-dad show itself.

It may turn up, but dang it, I'm gonna miss that "i", it was the only lower case "i" in the set. Lucky I can probably substitute the exclamation point, but really.

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