Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mimi

Mimi passed on almost 9 years ago, but I still am reminded of her many times, every day. I miss you, Mimi. Jim Dandy is her epic work of art, winning prizes and being featured in an actual published book. Here's Jim Dandy in Daddy's house, just like Mimi left it. Now, here's Jim Dandy in my house. Funny, Mimi always joked about the orange walls in her house. Mine are terra cotta, another version of orange.

Jim Dandy won a blue ribbon at the 1989 Florida State Fair. It was designed and hooked by Mimi over several years. She was a true artist, even hand dying the wool to get the exact colors she needed. This work of art makes me think of her every day. Way to go!

This post reminds me I need to scan some paper photos of various family members. My most recent scanned photo of Mimi is from 1986. I'll never get my "dream" scrapbook picture composed without better scans.

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