Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bake sale biscotti

I'm always uncertain how to package home-made goodies for a bake sale. Do I arrange them on a plate and cover with plastic wrap? (Bake sale ladies or teens can figure out how you can get them home or eat them on the spot.)

This time, I've made biscotti for the bake sale on Tuesday, since I am working 10 hours on Monday. What timing, right? Biscotti still tastes great 2 or 5 days later. So I decided to put portions of cookies in baggies with labels for two reasons. One, it saves the volunteer from having to package them, and because if I put these loose in a plastic box they get kind of broken up.

I wanted to put all the ingredients on the labels, but they wouldn't fit. These are whole grain cinnamon nut biscotti from the King Arthur's Flour blog. I love that site.

The irony, a bake sale to benefit the American Heart Association. I'll have mine with whipped cream, please.

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