Friday, August 28, 2009

My Laundry room - How awkward.

I love having my washer and dryer in the house. Back in my old house they were in the garage, and I'd get my clothes all sweaty just getting them out of the dryer. They are in the kitchen now, where I can hear them and remember about them. And it's way more comfortable. But it is kind of awkward, working around the bi-fold doors.There you have it. The bi-fold doors just barely let the dryer door open. And the kitchen door to the garage is right there too. Don't even think about opening it if the bi-folds are open. Wait, you can't tell from the garage. Bang! Oops. You can't get in, anyway!

The other bi-fold doesn't give me much room to work at the front of the washer, either. Why do I keep the doors? Well they keep the area tidy looking and they muffle the sound. But you can bet my next washer will have a lid hinged in the back. I'm not sure what to do about that dryer. And no, I can't just let them trade positions, they are where they need to be. It's just awkward, that's all.


Wingnut said...

You might be able to fit a non-bifold door that uses magnets to hold them closed? The lack of a bi-fold would give you a little more and you'd still have doors.

wholarmor said...

You need a front loader washer and stack it on top of the dryer(I think you would have room in there if you took out the shelves. Ours are stacked, and I love my front loader!