Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dress shopping, an exercise not enjoyable yet.

Bealle's only had one dress in my size appropriate for an afternoon wedding. ONE. So I moved on to the mall.

Penney's was remodeling and the women's department was not well labeled. They had rack after rack of dresses. OMGZ they were so cute! So many in my colors, too! Wait, where are my size? I wandered around for 15 minutes before finding the one rack with 5 different dresses in my size range. Only 3 of them were in my colors, so off to the dressing room with them. Yeah, I know I need to lose the socks, but my last shopping trip in dress shoes ended with a blister, so I wasn't going there!

There were only 3 fitting rooms, so I got to wait in line for a booth. Once in I decided I kind of liked all three dresses, but one was somewhat better fitting than the others and wasn't so revealing of underwear etc. so it was the winner. DING DING DING!

The encouraging or discouraging thing is that I am only one size away from being able to shop from the hundreds of dresses instead of the five. Not that i wear that many dresses, but the ones in my closet have been there since I was married, that's how old they are. Sometimes you gotta update your stock, ya know?

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