Sunday, March 6, 2011

I didn't get the memo.

But then, sometimes I am not that sensitive. Sheeesh.

I had a health scare a couple of weeks ago and after it was all over I went out and joined a gym. Yay me, finally doing something about this out-of-shape body instead of eating cookies.

I have been to the gym about 10 times total so far, and I have only once seen people wearing colors. That was on Friday night. Seriously, there's black, navy, gray, white and khaki. There were probably 60 people in there on Friday evening around 6:30, and 7 or 8 women and about that many men had on colored tops. No one had on colored bottoms at all.

I had purchased workout clothes in navy and coral, so when I wore the coral I REALLY stuck out. By the way, my gym is really big like the one above. But that girl in pink in the picture I snagged from the 'net must be on her Friday night date, ugh I mean workout.

Notice how I'm carefully not mentioning my workouts? Let's just say getting out of chairs has been a challenge for me since Wednesday. So I must really need it.

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John said...

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