Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm grateful for so many things.

While I am NOT thrilled about my cable going out last week, it did make me re-evaluate my AV setup. When I discovered my DVD/DVR wasn't hooked up to the cable box I was pissed at the Comcast guy who installed it and assured me it was hooked up correctly. Yeah, for playback only, not recording. Anyway that puppy wouldn't even power on, so I ordered another one from the big box store's website. Now I think I know exactly how to hook it up so I can record stuff when I'm not at home. Just like I could in the 1980s.  I also visited the big box store and brought home a Blu-ray player for my immediate use (until the cable is fixed).

Side note: I didn't know until Sharknado this summer that I loved bad Sci Fi movies. When I found this 5-pack disc in the $5 bin I got the giggles. Of course I got it. I haven't watched it yet. Yesterday, they put a temporary splice in my broken cable line outside, with assurances that the permanent fix could be done any time without my presence. I'm cool with that.

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