Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why does Leisureville hate trees?

In my house hunt, I am seriously considering a house in Leisureville. It's a 55+ community in Boynton Beach with homes built in the 70's, mostly. The houses are sturdy, and very economical. "They" take care of the lawns, and paint the houses every 3 years, and the monthly maintenence is kept low because of all the volunteer work and fundraising, BUT they have -0 curb appeal. 1800 homes squeezed into a small space and each and every one of them is WHITE. Seriously white.
Here's the view driving down the street. What street? Well it doesn't matter it pretty much looks like this on all the streets. Trees, if any are situated well away from the houses to cause the least amount of work, and therefore the least amount of shade.

This house actually was the roomiest and nicest on the inside. It seriously looks bad on the outside front. The back is built out as far as the property allows, and get this, there is no back door. No way out in the back! As a plus, the house behind has a lovely trellis with blooming bouganvilla on it. Complete with exotic butterflies.

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