Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preoccupied with clean cement?

When waxing philosophically about the differences between south Florida where I live now and central Florida where I grew up, the priorities on the front of the house strike me immediately. Some things are the same everywhere, like attractive landscaping, maintaining the actual house (paint, etc.), and individual decorative touches like house flags, special mailboxes, or seasonal wreaths.

In my neighborhood, the homeowner's association pays a part-time maintenance guy who uses a lot of his non-emergency time cleaning the sidewalks. Really. There is this big machine that looks like a commercial floor cleaner that hooks up to a water source and scrubs concrete clean. Since most of the sidewalks are under oak trees, they do get dirty and stained, but where I grew up this wasn't an issue. Sidewalks got darker, so what? In my last trips to Deland and Leesburg, driveways and sidewalks were naturally darkened everywhere I looked.

But in my community, and others around here I've heard, concrete must be painted (only terracotta here) or cleaned. So here I am out pressure cleaning my driveway. This is a big deal for me since I have to plan around the absence of cars, if you know what I mean. Until I lived here I never paid too much attention to little stains, but when you clean up the dirt the rust spots and mystery stains stand out. IMO, it's just one more thing to obsess about. I think I'll go make a cake instead.


Heidi said...

That would never fly in Arizona. What an incredible waste of a precious resource: Water!

It makes me cringe to think that water is wasted washing a sidewalk.

Now I can see if someone spilled something on it, or there is an awful bloody bike accident or something, but just because of natural causes?

Oh my.

I've lived in the desert too long I guess.

Janelle said...

Ugh! I would slit my wrists if I had to clean my driveway on top of all the other things I have to clean!

Redhead said...

I don't do it very often. I think it's kind of stupid too. But I do succumb to neighbor "pressure".

wholarmor said...

I was just thinking of what a waste of water, lol. I guess it makes things look nicer, but yikes!