Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sorry Charlie, you are a liar and I'm breaking up with you!

I've had a long-term relationship with Charlie the Tuna. It started in junior high school when my friend Jean and I ate a can with crackers at her house every day. It's a wonder her mom didn't put a stop to it.

Anyway, in college I sent some Starkist labels and a small amount of money off in the mail and got my first Charlie the Tuna wristwatch. Oh how I loved that watch! It was way cooler than those Mickey Mouse watches my dormmates had. The next year my sister gave me some towels with Charlie on them, because I liked the watch so much. Yay!!

The watch bit the dust and as a young adult in my 20's I found and bought another one.

But I have a big bone to pick with you, Starkist, and watches and other cool stuff won't fix this.

I bought a 12 oz. can of chunk light tuna in water, and it seemed, sloshy, even before I opened the can. So I read the label. It said each serving was 2 oz drained, and there are about 5 servings per can. There is no way there is 10 oz of drained tuna in there, and when I drained it and weighed it, there was 6.75. That's quite a big difference from the "about 10" the label is claiming. Unless you really eat your tuna dripping wet.

Sorry Charlie, after all these years I'm breaking up with you. I am going to see that cute mermaid, her chunks have actual identifiable chunks!

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Anonymous said...

Hrm. That's a big enough discrepancy that I would write to the company.