Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is buying every mop inevitable?

I mopped the kitchen and the bathroom using my 2nd favorite mop. Well, maybe my 3rd favorite mop. This time I used a Libman string type mop that my daughter left behind. It sort of has a wringer on it.

Anyway, with this mop I decided to use really hot water, not the lukewarm stuff that comes out of the faucet. My "hot" water is 107, can you believe it? Anyway I put some warm water in the bucket and a kettle full of boiling water. There, that bumped it up to 138 F.

After doing the kitchen and the bathroom (separate buckets, fresh hot water), I sat down and watched a little TV. What do you know, they are selling the spin mop on the Home Shopping Network. I have been resisting that for several years now, but I just got up and ordered it. I'm ready to try the next best thing.

My favorite mop is the Swiffer Wet Jet. It just bugs me to have to buy the pads and the soap from them, however. Plus, it sometimes leaves the floor sticky. I also like the Rubbermaid version of that, with a refillable bottle and cloth pads.  But when I need the floor really, super duper clean I go back to the old-fashioned string mop.

Expect a review after I've used it a few times. But that may take a while since I don't mop nearly often enough. I'm too busy trying to resist stuff on the Internet and television.

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