Saturday, January 12, 2013

My mother's old photo album

This last week I went "home" to Bartow to the funeral of my uncle Jack. While we were there, my Aunt Marion gave me my mother's old photo album. She must have had it since 1974 when my grandmother died.

When we opened the bag to look at it, we immediately recognized the cover. Really, who would lean against a cactus?

Anyway, there is no back on it and the pages are crumbling apart. I took pictures of all the pages in case anyone wants to try to identify any of the Martin clan or friends.

You can see it here:

Now, I will scan all the photos, and remount these into a new album. I have the album all picked out, but I have to decide on plain black pages like the original, or pretty patterned paper like in modern scrapbooks. I'm awaiting feedback from any and all.

Here is my grandmother and her four children. My mother is on the far right.

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