Monday, March 31, 2014

Be more tea?

I'm loving the new commercial with Kermit and many "Animal"s. He's all calm and sipping a cup of Lipton tea, while the frantic Animal clones are behaving like stereotypical New Yorkers.

I've been invited to the Friends of the Library tea party today, and it has stirred up some emotions and stories in me.

My sister and I each inherited a set of china from our grandmother (we call Nanny). But the china was not Nanny's originally. I thought it was my great grandmother's, who lived with Nanny, but my sister is convinced it couldn't be her, because she was such a prude. That's the word my sister used. And she never even met her!

The family legend is that our ancestor (whoever it was) used to go to Monte Carlo on gambling vacations, and stopped in France to order china. My set is Haviland, from Limoges, and my sisters is marked Limoges.

Of course, my sister doesn't remember where she heard this legend. If it came from our natural mother it could have been fanciful thinking. There's not many around to ask anymore.

I think I need to send a letter to my uncle, asap.

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