Sunday, April 13, 2014

Curses, I did it again! Twice in one week!

I can't believe it, I fell for it AGAIN, on 2 separate products!

First of all, I haven't bought Miracle Whip in decades because I'm convinced mayonnaise is better. Hellman's to be precise. But the commercials with the "tangy and sweet" got to me. When I got it home I read the label. High fructose corn syrup. When, when, when, will I ever learn? This bottle is going to work where someone will take it.

My other big mistake was the Tervis water bottle. That piece of cr*p leaks like you wouldn't believe. But, it's cute, I'll give it that. Next to it, on it's side is the Wal-mart water bottle that leaks a drop after 20 minutes on it's side. Better, but still not exactly lunchbox safe. I'm looking for an insulated bottle to carry green smoothies to work in. Leaking is not acceptable. So far the only bottles I've found that don't leak are mason jars and re-used commercial drink bottles. These are not insulated, and I have to replace them fairly often.

I'm off to find a recipe for "Miracle Whip" that doesn't have bad stuff in it. The only problem with home made is that it doesn't keep for very long. Any suggestions? For either a good sweet mayo or a non-leaking insulated bottle at least 20 oz. big? Thanks in advance.

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