Sunday, June 15, 2014

Four blobby friends

So, what should I call these little blobby guys? This stamp is from a set called Buggin Out from The Alley Way Stamps, and represents some sort of infectious disease. Cute, but something you wish you hadn't caught.

Somehow I seem to have trouble doing multiples of the same card. Part of it is the limitations of the 6x6 paper pads. This one is a combination of Summer Fresh from Simple Stories, and something else I can't remember (the green circle). You can only get one of the pointy bottomed banners from one sheet, and typically there are 2 of each design in a pack. So, each of my sets seem to be variations on a theme, which is OK by me.

Anyway, these blobby boys were cut from plain white cardstock after a rather spectacular fail at cutting the same shapes printed on a texty background. It was, as I suspected, kind of a challenge to color them once they had been cut. This brings me to my next lament. OK, I'm full of it today, but here goes.

I'd love to have a file with the print and cut lines included. I bought a bunch of cut files for stamp sets before my Cameo arrived, and didn't realize they didn't include a printing file. The website did say there was a .jpg and a .png, but they are only for reference, not printable. I get it, that would preclude the sale of the physical stamps. So I went back and ordered the stamps. I would have anyway. But, once you have the physical stamps, you can easily make your own cut files from a scan of the image. And, as I mentioned before, they are a lot easier to color if they are still on the page, prior to cutting. Like last week's snakes!

The blobby is from Buggin Out (The Alley Way Stamps), the speech bubble and background dies are from Lawn Fawn. All these cards are going to Operation Write Home, where they are specifically looking for "miss you" cards at the present.

Here's my blooper picture. This seriously didn't work. First the registration failed, and when I finally got it to "work" it was completely off. I did stop the Cameo before it could shred the entire page.  Yes, I know I can hand trim them, but that was kind of the point of the Cameo, right?

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