Friday, June 6, 2014

Learning curve, part 2

So, after I colored this page of snakes (printed from my new Silhouette) I put them into the machine for cutting.

Did I mention that I haven't figured out how to get a margin around each of these little guys? I'm still working on it!

Anyway, the blade setting for the Xpressit paper apparently is different than the one I was using for the Georgia Pacific cardstock that produced the previous shapes. It didn't cut all the way through. So I adjusted the blade and put the whole sheet back in exactly the same way.

Don't do it. Partway through the second row something went CLUNK and it got off track and wrecked 2 of them. The first two re-cut  ok, and I stopped it before it could wreck the last 4 snakes. I'll see what I can salvage with actual scissors. LOL.

In the meantime, check out this card which is incomplete, at least to my eyes.

I think it needs something else in the grass. A little birdie, maybe? I think a cute bug would look too much like a snake snack. I trimmed this one out with scissors earlier this week. 

The snakes are from the Alley Way Stamps set Tropic Topic. If you think the snake is cute, wait until you see the hippo!

Snake snack. I crack myself up sometimes.

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