Monday, May 25, 2015

Keeping it very simple today.

I'm keeping it very simple today. Just a tag on a printed background. Honestly I tried to make them more layered, but for me, it just wasn't working. I was also trying to do some less "girly" cards for OWH. Cards have to be in by August 1, so it is likely that there will only be one more box for me. It took me a year to fill the other one, and it was smaller than a medium flat rate box.

It is Memorial Day, and I'm not at a picnic, I'm inside. Actually, playing with stamps, pens and paper is exactly where I want to be. As well, it is a lot cooler in here, there's that. 

The shark and his sentiment are from The Alley Way Stamps' Something's Fishy set, and the bird and his sentiment are also from The Alley Way Stamps' set All Washed Up. It was a real fishy month at TAWS.

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